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A Cellbot Starter Kit based on our second, much improved TRRSTAN2 kit. Turns almost any Android phone into a robot using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Some assembly is required.

What is a Cellbot? A Cellbot is a small robot using a smartphone as the brain. They can be autonomous or remotely controlled over the internet. There are many different types of Cellbots, but they typically share the following features:

  • Small -- around 6in square, less then 1 lb.
  • Mobile -- uses wheels and motors to get around
  • Cheap -- compared to other robotics platforms
  • Open -- all source is available at the Cellbots open source project
  • Clever -- has lots of processing power and sensors due to leveraging smart-phone technology
  • Simple -- can be successfully built by the beginner roboticist

The Cellbot Starter Kit's servos are controlled via the headphone jack so it does not need a microcontroller.  This dramatically reduces cost and complexity.

Features of our Cellbot Starter Kit:

  • Fun and easy to build.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Cleaner outputs make it more reliable with more phones.
  • Now you can control up to 8 servos.
  • All parts are easy-to-solder through-hole components.
  • Open source software for Android.
  • Control your Cellbot with a Wii controller or over the internet.


What's in the kit?

  • Circuit board and easy to solder components.
  • AA battery holder.
  • 2 continuous rotation servos.
  • Two small wheels with axle.
  • 8" headphone cord.
  • Misc hardware.


** Notice **

Due to unusually quiet headphone output, the following phones with stock firmware will not work with this kit:

  • Most LG Phones (LG G2X, LG Optimus V)


You can download our build guide here.

We are working on integrating our changes into the official Cellbots code on the Android Market, but in the meantime you may download our custom build here.

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